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“Cliquetech Consulting” word revolves around the Technical expert’s team work. We believe in pure and crystal clear information technology solutions to the clients with full clarity. Our management strongly believes in true values which would not be compromised in any case by the company. We have applied this belief in our daily work and regular practices. Cliquetech Consulting is a software test management company dedicated to delivering quality based services to the clients in the United States and Canada. It offers services in the area of Application Validation, Automated and Manual Testing.
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Technologies We Offer

e-commerceE-Commerce Solutions

mobile_appMobile Application




big_comerceBig Commerce




android_based-developmentAndroid Based Development

ios_based_developmentIos Based Development





systeam_velidationSystems Validation

software_testingSoftware Testing

  • “Cliquetech Consulting has exceeded my expectations. I have worked with them to develop a ride-sharing application. They took the time up front to understand and even sometimes challenge my designs when necessary. They have been responsive to the questions I had and given me a well-researched answer usually within a few hours. They always seemed to work for the most viable and cost effective solution. They worked with me to perfect the look and feel and I am so grateful for the end result. Even though we had a time zone difference, they were there for me whenever I needed. The company is very savvy. This was a long project, involving the development and design of a high-end application. From the start, I emphasized that I wanted high quality work and the team at Cliquetech did everything possible to keep this promise. They were always prompt and courteous in responding to any queries we had. The Company’s owner Kaushal Shah even came to make a personal visit in Chicago. He makes himself available and resolves issues immediately – Great Professional, and he is more than happy to schedule a local meeting when he is in USA. He is still helping and has committed himself to help us for few more months. So, this company is not only technology development partner but they also work with us to nurture this idea into actual business. So, (THIS IS IMPORTANT) you must have a steady and competent Team Leader and team culture available and willing to put in the necessary work, and a flexible schedule, then they will deliver a superior product. HIGHLY RECOMMEND! ” I definitely will continue to work with them in the future for my new projects.”

  • “Cliquetech has been proactive and forthcoming with the solutions they offer and went beyond our expectations. They are highly recommended.”

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  • “Cliquetech Consulting has been a fantastic supplier to us for our brand new application. We trawled through dozens of applications looking for a reliable, professional and cost effective company that had the skills to build the application we wanted. CEO of the company Mr. Kaushal Shah was FAST and SHARP and even went to the trouble to narrate and record our application flow video so that I would NEVER be lost when it came to controlling my own application. I have no words to tell you HOW AMAZING it is to hire someone who is so knowledgeable, so conscientious, detailed, and adorable. They delivered a 5-star end product that encompassed great design, strong back-end support and excellent quality service. They never hesitated to deliver the work requested and the final product delivery was above expectations. The final products are now live on the play store. User Side:“https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.rf.restaurant_user” and Restaurant Side:https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.rf.restaurantadmin. The design is developed with responsiveness on different android based phones along with the restaurant admin functionality on different android based tables. They clearly understood all our needs and delivered everything we requested on time even if there is time zone difference. Great product management too. CEO is marvellous person and it’s because he cares about the client and get to the best outcome possible quickly. You WILL NOT go wrong with Cliquetech Team. Definitely would hire Cliquetech Consulting again. Thank you!”

    Toni Lucian

We work with people, we are proud of

Life at Cliquetech Consulting is fun, learning, exchange of ideas, some applaudable work, activities, food and a lot more. We vouch for a staff-friendly, flexi environment that has absolutely no room for boredom and inactivity. We give the best outputs as a team in our commitment to our clients….we also make it a point to celebrate life everyday with lots of engagement activities and get-togethers. Are you one of our kind?