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Android based development

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With the increase in number of Android devices in the market and the adoption of Android by mobile manufacturers, it is no doubt that Android Application Development is a service that People would reap benefits on.

Our Android app development team is capable of developing applications for Android Devices including phones and tablets. We optimise the design of the application based on your requirement so that the user experience in the application is personalised and has none issues while using these applications. Our team of product managers will work with you from inception of the application to its deployment on the app store of your choice.

Whether you are looking for an app that will enhance the productivity of your organisations employees, or a multimedia based app that aggregates content and streams it to your users, or even a contest based application for you to interact with customers in your store, we can help you create a solution that will give your customers a cutting edge experience.

Our Volusion eCommerce Development Service includes:

  • Mobile business software creation for Health Care and Supply Chain
  • Custom Android application
  • Android web based applications
  • Android games development
  • Security and multimedia mobile solutions
  • Communication mobile application development
  • Third party libraries building
  • Bluetooth, GPS, and Wi-Fi support


Client can reap benefits using our services.

  • Easy to use application development tools and APIs
  • Flexible and simple application porting
  • Easily integrated with Google mail and calendar
  • Fast and reliable Android applications development
  • Cost efficient apps development for Android
  • An open source, intuitive and feature-rich platform

Tools Eclipse
Technologies Android SDK, Android Native Development Kit (NDK), Android DT (ADT)
Languages Java, C/C++, XML

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