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Branding & Web Design

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The world is shrinking and the Internet has become a huge marketplace to trade services. In order to create a strong identity in the web world, a well-designed and developed logo and website is not just a requirement but a necessity.

Cliquetech consulting offers smart and effective logo design plus website design and development solutions as well as website maintenance and redesigning services. Our solutions are designed to ensure that websites don’t just look good, but can open fast and promptly show up on search engines.

How we are different?

What sets us apart from our competitors is the quality of our services -our web designers work with clients personally and offer solutions tailored to their needs. We design websites using search engine friendly techniques and even submit your site to search engines. We have several years behind us to prove our credibility in offering credible web design services.

Website development services

Unlike other website design firms, we do not outsource any aspect of the website designing and development or any production process. We have all necessary personnel and expertise required to manage out client’s website in-house, from brief to delivery.

Professional Website design is a crucial activity that any organization needs to undertake to gain mileage on the net. We provide our services at affordable prices and if you are looking for a professional website design firm then you’ve come to the right place.

Our approach

Our website designing process comprises of some systematic measures. We..

  • Identify the target audiences for your website and comparing to your competitors.
  • Develop a persona set.
  • Conduct usability studies.
  • Survey the nature of your business/clients.
  • Define the structure of the website being developed.

Our design process always strives to balance the key elements:

  • Professional & Elegant Design
  • Consistent Branding
  • Clear Presentation of Information
  • Easy-to-use Site Navigation
  • Secure Transactions

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