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Concept to revenue model

The Concept-to-Revenue model assumes complete product lifecycle ownership by cliquetech. The company has the ability to take a concept and seeing it through to revenue generation. This model empowers our clients to take mobile applications or products to market with minimal engineering and management overheads. Our clients focus on winning more business, while the engineering, certification and production details are taken care of by cliquetech.

- Our model works under different stages:

  • Research

With expertise from initiation to complete solutions, cliquetech innovates to convert client’s business ideas in to real products

  • Design

Our experts design applications to meet the client’s exact requirements

Our understanding of technologies reduces product risks

  • Development

We build software products with cross-functional teams of project managers, technical team leads, software testers and subject matter experts

  • Prototype

Prototypes are exhaustively tested to discover corner-cases that could lead to failure

Certifications are carried out once the product is ready to be put LIVE.

– Production

Our technical experts migrate the application to LIVE mode very efficiently.
Our network of CM partners carry-out pilot and volume production

  • Support

We reduces the total cost of ownership for the client with level 2 support, defect tracking and resolution and product sustenance for our clients Our network of CM

Revenue Sharing Model:

In addition to technology expertise,cliquetech also has domain expertise to offer a revenue sharing model where it will partner with client in jointly developing a product for a solution. The revenues generated by the product or solution in its life term may be shared by both theClient and cliquetech on agreed terms set forth in the contract OR the client pays a pre-decided amount of royalty after the first sales.


  • Technology and domain experts for analysing your idea
  • Access to wider market
  • Risk sharing

Fixed Price Model:

Our experts work with the clients to thoroughly understand the scope and requirements of the project to propose a fixed price model. This model would be ideal for projects that have a clear scope of requirements and the execution methodology.

We understand the importance of the overall project monitoring including schedule control, quality of deliverables and cost control while executing fixed price projects and have well defined processes for the same. cliquetech is ready to take the risk of additional efforts and promises no overhead costs for the client.


  • High quality service on time
  • Lucrative option for first time outsourcer
  • Experts and skilled team with well-defined processes
  • Effective communication for smooth progress rate
  • Limited risk for the client

Consulting Model:

cliquetech offer consulting model where deliverables are often not clear, and client requirements will change as the project evolves.

The advantages with this model are that the resources are locked for the duration of the project and hence competencies and skills can be built over the time. cliquetech has well defined knowledge transfer and management processes for smooth resource ramp up or ramp down to adjust to the changing demands of the projects. Our Project Management team dedicated to the particular project helps during all phases of development, maintenance and support to provide better insights for client.


  • Optimal use of budget and timeline
  • Custom made model that matches your requirements
  • Payment for the work done as per the increment or decrement in the resources deployed
  • Flexibility to revise your application during project development

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