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Development of business-oriented software solutions turns out to be one of the most dynamically growing segments of software market nowadays. Thus, strong demand for software solutions of the kind calls for a flexible, efficient and cross-platform technological basis for enterprise application development. J2EE platform offers many features to suit the demand: compatibility with the programming means of the developers’ choice, easy-to use connectivity features and reduced time required to introduce the solution to the market.

Businesses and governments face greater pressure than ever to drive excellence in business and IT operations—to simplify IT, increase IT agility and be smart about using disruptive technology.Overview Java’s IT benefits help organizations do just that. Java is open, portable and platform-agnostic. It is beneficial in scenarios as diverse as deploying applications to the cloud or integrating on a variety of middleware platforms.

cliquetech provides its customers with software solutions exactly parallel to the requirements of their businesses using the power and flexibility of the modular approach offered by the J2EE platform. This enables cliquetech’s highly proficient Java programmers to focus on the actual needs of the clients instead of spending hours working on the single-source solution thus providing the customers with solutions that are truly portable and scalable, affordable and easy to use.

cliquetech offers the following JAVA based services:

Development of web-oriented J2EE-based solutions

cliquetech’s wealth of experience across multiple industry verticals allows us to develop for our clients Java-based web applications that support mission critical business processes. These services enable customers to web enable existing legacy applications by exposing business functions as web services via service orientedarchitecture (SOA).

Migration of customer’s software solutions to Java/J2EE platform

We help our customers migrate from existing client-server applications and leverage the benefits from n-tier architecture. We also integrate best of breed products and services to build transaction based web sites that allow our clientsto better engage their customers.

Portal Implementation

Enterprise Information Portal (EIP) also known as a business portalserves as a single gateway to an organization’s information systems and knowledge repository. cliquetech helps organization deployenterprise portals that establish relationships and improve interactions with their primary stakeholders – Customers (B2C), Partners (B2B) and Employees (B2E) by leveraging framework services.

J2ME-based solution development

As J2ME was being adopted by a larger set of hand-sets, it became crucial to enable packet video technology on this platform. While the business need for J2ME was clear, the mobile software environment is extremely competitive, placing strain on margins, and emphasizing the need to deliver these services very cost-effectively. Client’s roadmap included a significant scaling of the development team over time to support the expanding J2ME platform base-ultimately.

Mobile Application Development

Our team possesses the capability for developing comprehensive mobile applications using the Java-based development technologies. We approach the most approved methods within the industry for B2B services and deliver solutions accordingly. Our team also possesses the expertise in delivering business application integration services and migration services keeping in mind the ancient business systems to the modern till date technologies.

Benefits from Java :

  • Improve delivery quality across the application portfolio, from mobile to cloud to Web to packaged software, through standardized architectures and tools.
  • Increase predictability through standardized confirmation and transitions points, deliverable templates and workflows.
  • Reduce delivery cost through an optimal mix of resources.
  • Leverage emerging technologies to deliver an enhanced user experience

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