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Mobile Applications

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Industries of all varieties have begun to realize that the target audiences for their business applications have shifted in massive numbers from the use of traditional personal computers, such as desktops and laptops, to using mobile devices such as smart phones and tablets for accessing the internet and for obtaining the information they seek. This applies if the intended audience for the application is a direct customer of the enterprise (Business-to-Consumer apps, or “B2C”), or if the targeted user is an employee or business partner (“B2E” and “B2B”, or Business-to-Employee and Business-to-Business apps). Across the globe, more people are now using mobile devices that they can carry with them wherever they go, and which more user friendly and intuitive to use, as their primary means of obtaining information and requesting services over the internet.

cliquetech deliver innovative wireless solutions that cut costs, boost productivity, and generate new revenues for clients. Our Mobile Application Team is committed and motivated by an ambition to continually make a sustainable mark in the mobile and wireless industry. Our major capabilities in mobile application development are mentioned below along with the tools, technologies and programming languages used by us for deploying reliable solutions for each platform.

Our Mobile Application Services Include

- Mobile Applications for websites – We take simple internet enabled websites to be available fully on different smartphones. These applications allow users to stay connected with the web information and commit actions through their mobile. cliquetech specializes in developing applications for ecommerce websites, social networking websites and B2B Integrated websites.
- Gadgets for Mobile Phones – cliquetech develops well formulated mobile gadgets built around the specific requirements of the client. We have extensive experience of creating mobile business applications suiting the unique client requirements and providing quick and accurate results in real world use. Our team of creative developers and innovative designers deploys highly engaging games and entertainment applications based on different themes
- Corporate solutions – We provide”Star Class” mobile application development services for corporate software systems that allow corporations to extract maximum out of mobile applications. Mobile applications for in-the-field operations of employees are becoming more and more crucial for organizations to stay ahead of their competitors. Our solutions are strongly aligned with your corporate software systems and allow as much information process flow as you want. Some of the most popular corporate areas of mobile applications we have worked on are Business to Business Processing, order processing and other critical business processes.

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