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Let’s Car Pool!
Frustrated by experiencing daily traffic jams in urban cities?
Frustrated by exponentially increasing fuel prices?
• Avoid Driving alone
• Pay fraction of the total fuel cost
• Interact with like-minded people
• Save Environment using Ride Connect.
Carpooling as an activity can save you a lot of money besides getting you more socialize and meeting new people. This app can help you find out daily carpool. Select car pool partners from already registered users across the globe over Android or IOS.

Ride Connect creates a way out for your daily commute while cutting down your expenses. Find ride pools in and around your city, just enter source and destination and wait for your Facebook friends and app users to share the ride.
On an average a car pool can save a user more than $1,000 per year or any equivalent amount in particular currency generally, which otherwise would have gone on:
• Fuel
• Maintenance
• Wear and Tear of vehicle

• Create or join a carpool anywhere in the world
• Get the travel route for ride
• Connect with new people
• Use technology to make earth and home happy
• Play your role in society
• Connect to more people
• Save Money
• Save Environment

Ride Connect charges no money at this time and is 100% free to use.

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