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Safe Ride Customer Ios | cliquetechconsulting Safe Ride Customer Ios | cliquetechconsulting
  • Phone: 1-847-321-9261
  • info@Cliquetechconsulting.com

Project Detail

Main aim of SAFE RIDE is to make customers to feel safe and secure about using taxi services. Customer can find their lost items by contacting car they have rode. As SAFE RIDE will help customers to retrieve contact information of previous drivers, customers of SAFE RIDE are very relaxed about stolen or forgotten things in taxi. SAFE RIDE provides easy payment way compared to other taxi services for betterment of customers.SAFE RIDE will bring drivers and customers on single platform. Drivers who are registered with SAFE RIDE can easily get ride request from customers for various location. At the end of trip drivers will get Cash payment or SAFE PAY in their SAFE RIDE account.

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