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Project Detail

Are you searching for a loyal & efficient workers ?

Yes. We are there for you. We provide you a helping hand Anywhere, Every Where!

To get a loyal, efficient and skilled worker is indeed a laborious task especially in India. Many of us have experienced absolute discomfort in finding contact details of any skilled workers in times of need. Now you need to be worry free on this part. Now, Our Company hasteamed up with different organizations to get the referrals for the karigars from them and has come upon a unique solution to help people to connect with these skilled personnel in a very convenient manner.

Our Company has developed an amazing user-friendly mobile application to get rid of this problem from now onwards.The ‘Karigar’ word is word for Skilled or Semi-Skiller workers in India. We would like to emphasize on this word ‘Karigar’. One of the most efficient way to word that is to give a name to our application. We have named this as ‘Search Worker’.

Features :

The app comes with some wonderful features highlighted below.

Users can get information about karigars in their desired city.

Users can choose karigars from a number of different categories.

Users can verify the contact number and address of any skilled worker.

Easy integration with Google Map to get required directions within a locality.

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