While Agile and DevOps are progressive models, these need considerable evolution within the enterprise. Sattvasoft, with its matured Agile and DevOps QA practices and extensive experience of test and lifecycle automation, helps enterprises build the right QA capabilities for Agile and DevOps. Within a fast-moving environment, it is important to ‘fail fast’ by adopting a ‘Shift left’ approach. With a shorter testing window, it’s critical for the test team to start early and move at the same pace as the rest of the teams. Test Automation also plays a key role in ensuring quicker testing execution and deploying a continuous testing approach.


  • QA function starts early in the lifecycle working closely with the development and Ops team with the right set of test processes, toolkits and guidelines and then adopting a shift-left test approach. An optimum mix of colocation and offshoring is deployed to ensure effective collaboration and cost efficiencies. The QA team participates in all agile testing ceremonies including daily stand-up meetings through to various tools for better communication and transparency.


Globally, business enterprises are facing a common challenge: increased customer expectations, technology upgrades, & volatility in the business environment. The magnitude at which these changes are occurring gives a compelling reason for organizations worldwide to embrace agile development concepts with the aim of enhancing application quality while simultaneously reducing cycle times.

Today, to deal with the ever-changing digital environment in which they operate, both banks and fintechs concur that Agile methodology complemented by a Unified Test approach is essential.  Of particular importance here are Agile platforms, as they redefine digital strategies and allow banks to engage with their clients to a much greater extent and more speedily than before.

Way to come out

Driving application quality assurance in an agile environment not only allows an organization to fully implement the “Shift Left” principle, but also go beyond and embrace “Start Left” and realize the benefits of defect prevention, improved quality,  quick response time and reduced costs.


For successful agile adoption, change has to take place across multiple dimensions including people, processes, assurance approaches and infrastructure. Sattvasoft’s Agile Assurance, Release Automation and Service Virtualization offerings reduce overall operating costs and enable newer product and features rollout at a rapid pace. We help organizations use Agile in transformation of business application and realize the value of faster time-to-market.

@ Your Help

  • Create reusable test assets & repositories that deliver quality at optimal cost through optimum utilization of resources.
  • Complementing this process are Sattvasoft’s own methodologies will help accelerate timeliness, efficiency and productivity.

Your Benefits

  • Reduction in defect rate by Testing EARLY and Testing OFTEN using our Agile Framework
  • Reduction in Test Design effort by using our proven Requirement and Specification Model
  • Reduction in automation cost by using our unique automation framework. Also, an ongoing cost saving in maintenance of Automation Scripts
  • Improvement in efficiency by evaluating, managing and improving your requirement and testing process.

Sattvasoft Differentiators

  • Ready to deploy, best in industry automation framework – Tx-Automate – for quicker test automation.
  • Expertise on industry leading test automation (e.g. UFT, Selenium, TestComplete, Coded UI, etc.), Agile development tools (e.g. Rally, Scrumdo) and CI/CD tools (e.g. Jenkins, Chef, Puppet, TFS, Hudson, Go, Bamboo, etc.) providing lifecycle automation.
  • Certified automation experts with expertise in implementing advanced automation frameworks.
  • Standardized processes, templates and toolkits for Agile and DevOps QA.
  • Global team of QA professionals with a capability to scale up at both onsite and offshore.


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