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Be an early adopter of technology to have an upper hand over your competitors

‘IT’ means ‘Intensive Testing’

Indeed, today’s keen global competition forces to develop software “faster and cheaper”. However, even the most “fast and cheap” IT products should be of high quality and perfect usability. At Cliquetech, we see our goal in helping our customers to make their software products more reliable and user-friendly, more competitive and successful in the market.

Systems Validation

Cliquetech QA is a specialized software testing division under Cliquetech Consulting group. It focuses on Systems validation services cater to Pharmeceutical and Healthcare verticals. This division is one of the leading software developers and cross-platform solutions providers in USA, Canda, UK, Australia and Dubai

Our software testing and systems validation services works with fully professional approach. The project is accomplished through below steps

  • Pre-contract stage
  • Contract stage
  • Preparation and planning stage
  • Execution stage – Pilot project
  • Execution stage – Basic project
  • Acceptance stage
  • Post-acceptance stage

Pre-contract stage

We prepare draft understanding as a mean of a contract. It is usually made by e-mail or phone. Then, Preliminary discussion of your testing needs or task be done.

Basing on the information received from you:

  • We will Prepare our vision of the project (preliminary test strategy, project/test plan)
  • Evaluate resources (personnel, devices, tools, etc.) requisite for the project;
  • Estimate project feasibility;
  • Calculate a tentative cost sheet and discuss all of that with you.

Contract stage

Cliquetech understands that the customers live in the fast-paced and quickly changing business environment. That is why Cliquetech proposes flexible contract terms that allow mutually acceptable modifications during project execution. Cliquetech tries to build relations with customers on a partnership basis.

Preparation and planning stage

  • Communication and management procedures adjustment (who, how, when, how often).
  • Project plan, requirements specification, testing strategy and plans preparation and approval (for more details see Cliquetech software testing methodology).
  • Knowledge transfer – software/hardware to be tested, documentation and other necessary information, scripts (if any) transfer and deployment.
  • Project team trainings (if necessary) – it can be done on the customer’s site, in training centers, on Cliquetech site.
  • Preparation of testing infrastructure: Environment preparation for performance load, stress, etc. testing

Execution stage – Pilot project

  • Our goal here is to check the level of vendor’s services in practice, study the management style and estimate possibilities to work together.
  • Tests execution and Routine reports (on a weekly or daily basis).
  • Regular discussion of the project progress
  • Delivery, acceptance and approval
  • Payment(s) for the pilot project under the contract terms.
  • Pilot project analysis. Making a decision regarding next steps.

Execution stage – Basic project

  • Tests execution
  • Routine reporting (on a weekly or daily basis).
  • We offer flexible business models. If necessary, we can resize the testing team (add or reduce team members), change technologies, etc.
  • Regular discussion of the project progress.
  • Communicate. Feel free to ask, specify and check.
  • Intermediate acceptance and payments (according to the contract terms).
  • Intermediate analysis and recommendations for next phases.

Acceptance stage

  • Final delivery. Final report and recommendations regarding software quality and its enhancement.
  • Customer acceptance and approval. Final payment.
  • Project acceptance (internal Cliquetech meeting): bottom line, conclusions and recommendations for the future projects.

Post-acceptance stage

  • Testimonials and references.
  • Repeat business and/or ongoing long-time mutually beneficial partnership.

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